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Linda Charnes, LMFT – Counseling & Psychotherapy Practice

Welcome to my website and my psychotherapy practice in New York City.

You may be trying to make changes in your life. Perhaps you are frustrated with your attempt at happiness.  My clients are usually high functioning people who are genuinely motivated to change, but simply do not know how. I am here to help you. Congratulations on taking the first step in your healing journey.

I  bring many years of experience, intelligence, warmth, humor and enthusiasm to my work offering you the challenging, but gratifying, experience of psychotherapy. My wish is for you to have what you really want in your life and to finally find happiness. I will provide you with expert guidance, inspiration, education and support. This psychotherapy can be a powerful vehicle for change.

As a psychotherapist in new york city, I work both as an individual psychotherapist and as a specialist in couples counseling and marriage counseling. My practice focuses on stress management, depression, transitions, and other life concerns. As a couples therapist, I regularly help partners with issues of communication, conflict, and closeness, but I specialize in working with couples experiencing the crisis of infidelity.

Whether though individual therapy, couples therapy, or marriage therapy, I provide the tools, structure and support every step of the way.

I work with you to discover and use your strengths, talents, and assets. Our work together will give you the chance to finally establish and pursue what you really want in your life.