About Linda Charnes, LMFT | Marriage & Family Therapist New York City


Linda Charnes, Marriage and Family Therapist

Linda Charnes, Marriage and Family Therapist

I have practiced psychotherapy in New York City for over 20 years. I am a New York State licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in good standing. I have a full time independent psychotherapy practice working with individuals and couples.

I attended graduate school at Drexel University where I received my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and The John Hevesi Institute in London, England, for advanced training in the treatment of weight and eating problems. I have received additional postgraduate education and training in a variety of contemporary psychodynamic therapies, including EFT.

I bring a wide body of experience to my work. I have practiced in a variety of settings which have focused on the treatment of issues in relationships and problems with eating, substance use, depression, stress, and self esteem.

My Approach


Marriage & Family Therapist New York CityI am fully committed to the progress and welfare of each individual and of each couple I treat. I use an integrative, eclectic approach, combining psychotherapeutic methods from several theoretical models including family systems therapy. This creates a powerful vehicle to address psychological and relational concerns of many kinds.

I view each person as unique and deserving of a careful, thoughtful, holistic approach to healing. The impact of both the past and the present are deeply considered in the treatment and addressed to create lasting change. We work collaboratively to help you grow and become your best self, and to create loving relationships.