COVID-19 UPDATE - Linda Charnes, LMFT


I am happy to take on new patients at this stressful time, individuals as well as couples or families. All sessions will be conducted virtually, on video chat.

Each and every one of us is currently experiencing something we have never gone through before.  We are watching history unfolding before our very eyes. Ironically, it has unified the entire world. Increasingly so, there is not one person who is unaffected by this Covid19 health crisis, if only in the awareness of it’s destructive possibilities.

So, for our benefit, we are being asked to limit our activities, our exposure to other people. Lives have been disrupted. Jobs reduced or lost, incomes diminished or ceased, socially distanced and possibly isolated, basically or entirely homebound, sometimes without availability of supplies and, for some, resources to fund even basic fundamentals of living.  These are frightening times. The feeling of lack of control is apparent. Emotional, financial, and interpersonal security is being uprooted. Not much is usual. Everyone is trying to adjust to the new, temporary, but not brief, normal. So many of the usual ways to proceed through your day are not possible at this time. Many of the usual pleasures and responsibilities, fulfillments and distractions that have been a normal part of our days are simply unavailable.

This will be a test of our character, of our abilities to manage stress, of our relationships, and, above all, of our self esteem. Whether you are isolated in your home alone or with a partner, roommate, friends or family, it may be a challenge to keep your peace of mind and maintain healthy, happy relations with others during this stressful time.

We will cycle through many conflicting and powerful emotions during this crisis. Everything is up for question, within us and outside us. As painful as all of this is, I am thinking we might ultimately each come out better on the other side. We know there will eventually be a resolution to this terrible pandemic. The relatively safe world will return and we will return to the world.

Use this time to evolve. Allow yourself to be rattled, cracked open, stirred around, give yourself the intention of discovering who you really are, what is important to you, and how you stand in your own way of getting it. You can decide to believe in change, in your own ability to change. You can feel it already. Make sure they are positive changes. Work on acceptance, of yourself and others, letting go of attachments and need to control. Allow yourself to give and receive love. Develop deeper love and self love. Accept people as they are, try to avoid “getting them to see” your own view. Learn to settle yourself and accept yourself and others without judgement. Let yourself spend time with yourself and develop a meaningful relationship with your own self will help you recognize and develop your deepest self.

This will be an emotional time for everyone. Don’t avoid stress, try to understand yourself and your motivation and settle yourself. Honor yourself, honor others. Use all your internal and external resources. Live.