Does Your Marriage Deserve a Second Chance?

The American Community Survey has been collecting data on divorce patterns since 2008. An analysis of the data by sociologist Philip N Cohen revealed that Americans who get married in their late 20s have less than 50% chance of a divorce. This shows that millennials are making more effort to keep their marriage going.

Lack of communication, an impaired sexual life and even recurring arguments and conflicts can be taken care of, if you believe that the relationship deserves a second chance, says marriage counselor Linda Charnes.

Before making an irreparable decision, read through these reasons to give you marriage another shot.

Meaningful Actions

They are genuinely apologetic, not by their words alone but through their actions as well. You notice significant changes in their behavior. They are putting in every ounce of effort to mend their ways. They are also investing in thoughtful gifts and organizing date nights to rebuild the lost trust. To err is human and to forgive, divine. So, if your partner is trying their best to make it up to you, try to acknowledge it.

Petty Offence

Physical and emotional abuse, irresponsibility, constant lying, controlling tendencies and cheating with no regrets are a few offences that are unacceptable for long term well-being, says an article on Bustle. However, if your partner has not done something that is unforgivable they might deserve a second chance.

Scope of Emotions

Love is not the only foundation of a relationship. There should be equal amounts of mutual respect, loyalty, communication and understanding. Both partners should be able to take responsibility for the relationship. If these aspects are present in a healthy relationship but love is fading away, you could enlist the help of a marriage counselor to bring the spark back. This is a workable situation and you must consider a second try.

Alternate Effective Options

If you have been arguing or can’t seem to see eye to eye, blaming your spouse for the situation might not be helpful. Remember, it takes two to argue. So, put in some effort to work on your communication skills, so that you can provide constructive and caring feedback that allows them to also make the effort to change. Differences are inevitable in every relationship. Instead of giving up at the first sign of disagreement, consider holding on for a while to check if things are improving.

A second chance means hoping that certain patterns and behaviors can be altered. If you both feel committed to working towards it, contact a marriage counselor to help you bring about the needed change.

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