Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Obesity on Relationships

The United States, which accounts for only 5% of the world’s population, is home to the highest proportion of overweight and obese people, at 13% of the global total, according to data published by IHME. This is a worrying, widely known, fact. However, do you know that obesity can come in the way of intimate relationships and completely destroy a marriage?

It is very common to see that people usually start putting on weight with age. For some, it also happens when they get into a relationship or get married. This happens when a partner uses food to spend time with the other or please them. A lot of women put on weight due to pregnancy too.

Unhappy Couples Overeat

Married men and women experiencing weight gain could also be a reflection of an eating disorder, which is mostly attributed to emotional issues they might have in their relationship. If someone is in an unhappy marriage, they might resort to food to make themselves feel better. A large number of people, all over the world, seek comfort in food and over eat to combat unhappiness, says Linda Charnes, a leading therapist who specializes in working with relationship problems, especially infidelity, and also individual problems, including stress and depression.

Individuals who are in the super morbidity obese category are often so depressed that they didn’t even want to live with themselves, let alone work on a relationship. Their self esteem is severely damaged. They are so unhappy with their state that most of the conversations they have with their partner turn into arguments.

Obesity Impacts Intimacy

Obesity can come in the way of satisfying sexual relationships too. Weight gain causes a significant loss in energy levels and mobility. Couples are unable to achieve certain positions, which could make their intimate life monotonous and dull. Obese men also often suffer from sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction and buried penis syndrome. This causes anxiety and results is poor sexual performance. In women, increased body weight can affect blood circulation to the genital area, which can affect their sexual arousal and satisfaction.

An obese spouse is unable to participate in some of the family activities. This puts an additional pressure on the other. An article on The Huffington Post states that when a woman takes responsibility for all the housework, their sex drive decreases, due to stress. General decline in health of the obese spouse affects the mental and physical well being of the other partner too.

No matter what the reason might be, putting on too much weight is never a good thing. It affects both physical and psychological well-being. If you are having trouble controlling your eating, it is important to seek help. If obesity has already done significant damage to your relationship, do not hesitate to seek marriage counselling to bring back the love and companionship.

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