Why should I Go to Therapy? I Have Friends and Family to Talk to.

TherapyYour friends and family care about you and want to listen and help when you’re in need. But therapy offers so much more than just a comforting, caring, safe environment where you can talk about your troubles. That’s certainly important, but what you really need, of course, is a way to change. You need to do something different to get different results. You need a window to see the way out of your concerns. That’s the job of therapy.

Therapy Looks at Your Whole Life

Good therapy is an investigation into your internal life, who you really are inside, what motivates your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors. This includes how your present day self works, and how this self developed. It’s a journey into you. The goal of therapy is to deeply understand yourself and some of the choices you make. It aims to free you from being controlled by parts of yourself that seem to lead to unhappiness.

Sometimes you make choices that cause you pain. Why would someone do that to themselves? Sounds wrong, right? That’s exactly what therapy helps you figure out. You may think you know and understand yourself quite well. Certainly, in some ways, you probably do. But, simply put, people are deep.

Your Conscious Mind

There are ideas, probably formed long ago, that exist and operate in you that are hidden from your conscious mind. You can’t always manage yourself the way you’d like to. These beliefs operate automatically and your thoughts and behaviors are often controlled by them. All people are complicated, multidimensional, layered. And much of the time the whole system works just fine and needs no repair or exploration. But if you are experiencing distress you can’t seem to manage, something needs to change.

Good therapy is an amazing journey of discovery. How you treat yourself, in the deepest sense, determines your own welfare. Therapy expands your thinking. You really get to know yourself and why you behave the way you do. Then you have choices. In successful therapy, you gradually find yourself released from the parts of you that sabotage your happiness.

Therapy is Beautiful   

It truly is a beautiful process: exciting and vibrant, with twists and turns, joys and sorrows, ultimately deeply fulfilling. My belief is that everyone could benefit from this experience, but if you are in distress, reach out to a good therapist for help.

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