How Divorce Impacts Children

According to an article by, “Almost 50% of American children will witness divorce of their parents and half of these may also witness divorce in the second marriage of their parents.”

Divorce brings about a massive change in a child’s life, no matter what their age or gender might be. Parents often forget about their kids while worrying about their own future after the divorce. Witnessing the loss of love between their parents, being shunted from one parent’s home to that of the other, and fights for custody and many other experiences create a traumatic set of circumstances that the child needs to adapt to.

Marriage counselling isn’t only meant for spouses who want to make their marriage work, it can also help them understand how to limit the impact of divorce on their children. Kids experience a range of physical, emotional and social effects of divorce. Here’s a look at them.

Impact of Divorce on Children

  • Physical Effects: Children with divorced parents are most prone to injuries, asthma, and headaches. Research has proven that kids of divorced parents are more in contention of getting involved with drugs, sex, and alcohol, according to an article on Marripedia.

  • Emotional Effects: Divorce emotionally takes a toll on the child. Most children don’t want their parents to separate. Children of divorced parents are more prone to psychological and behavioral problems. They can develop issues related to anger, rule violations and disobedience. Children from broken homes are at twice the risk of attempting suicide as children with intact families. Unstable relationships with parents, vulnerability to drugs and the struggle for custody and visitation rights may damage a child emotionally.

  • Educational Effects: Frequent movement between households of both parents also has an impact on education. Studies have shown that children with divorced parents scored lower grades than their peers and they were said to be unpleasant to be around. Such children are also twice as likely to drop out of high school as their colleagues with intact families.

  • Economic Insecurity: The divorce results in financial loss for both parents. The financial insecurity affects the quality of life and may also have long term impacts on the child, especially if it prevents them from engaging in activities necessary for their over all development.

Divorce leaves ugly, unwanted scars on the canvas of a child’s life. Children want their parents’ support at every step of their life. A number of studies have shown that children have a number of advantages, socially, academically, emotionally, psychologically, cognitively and physically when their families remain intact. Your marriage deserves a second chance, so consider marriage counselling before making a final decision to end the relationship, says Linda Charnes, a leading psychotherapist in New York City. It is your duty to protect your children from the pain of divorce.

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