How Marriage Counseling Can Solve Intercultural Clashes

The key to a happy and successful married life is improving communication and working on the relationship every single day. And, when things are not going as well as you’d like them to, it is always useful to look at potential solutions. When it comes to intercultural marriages, there is a lot of understanding and acceptance that goes into making the relationship work smoothly. There could be times that the two partners see things very differently, due to their cultural differences. If you find that your relationship is being impacted by such differences, consider seeking marriage counseling.

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists says that 98% of the people who undergo counseling are happy with the result, according to an article by Bradley University. Another 93% who took counseling session too, reported that although their problems were not solved completely, they were more or less well equipped with tools to solve the issues.

Intercultural Marriages and the Problems that Come Along

Cross-cultural marriages can often be adversely affected by immediate family opinions, financial decisions, food choices, ways of communication, socializing and so on. In the early stages of a marriage, religion, ethnicity, caste and creed might not matter. However, when all the initial excitement is gone, you start exploring the realistic side of the marriage. It is then that differences start cropping up.

When your faith and/or culture is starkly different from that of your partner, you could face issues such as:

  • Which religious events to attend and which to skip

  • What principles should be inculcated in your children

  • Which faith should your children follow

  • How to spend family holidays

  • What language should you communicate in

  • Which school your child should attend

  • Differences in food habits, based on religion

  • Difficulty in accepting a different culture

Can Marriage Counseling Help?

Marriage counseling can help you restore the lost bonding through realistic and collaborative means, according to an article by Linda Charnes, LMFT. The first thing that is usually discussed in therapy is your history with your partner. This is likely to be followed with your individual strengths and strengths as a couple.

Marriage counseling proves beneficial mostly because the counselor focuses on reminding you why the two of you came together in the first place, while also enhancing your problem resolving skills, improving communication, working on finding easy resolutions to problems and so on. Professional therapy is one of the best ways to battle marital problems before they reach breaking point.

According to Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 37% Americans marry into different faiths and cultures, says an article on University of Florida IFAS Extension. It is only by co-existing respectfully and celebrating the differences each day that you can make the marriage a successful one.

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