Is Therapy Right for You?

Is Therapy Right for You?

We all face problems at many points throughout our lives. There will be times when just going it alone is not enough. Even talking to your friends and family doesn’t seem to help.

Are you experiencing overwhelming unhappiness with a stressful life situation or relationship? Or are you feeling depressed or anxious, having negative thinking, lethargy, indecision, anger, withdrawal, or dependency? Do you have problems with eating or substance abuse?

True change can be achieved through psychotherapy. It is a process that focuses on emotional growth and problem solving. We work together to see issues clearly, understand feelings and discover the source of the problems. Unhealthy beliefs about yourself and your life can then be corrected and new ways to live your life can be created. You will finally be able to make the changes you want.

My training and experience make me an expert at helping people find their way through life’s difficulties. If you or your partner or another family member are experiencing symptoms that affect your happiness, I encourage you to contact me to begin the healing journey of psychotherapy.

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