Low Self Esteem Can Ruin Your Marriage


According to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP, the United States is a country with the 6th highest divorce rate in the world. The divorce rate in the US in 2014 was around 16.9 in every 1,000 married women. This number was nearly double what was recorded in 1960. It is also estimated that almost 50% of marriages in the country end in divorce or separation. Around 41% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. These numbers are higher for third marriages, with 73% of them being estimated as ending in divorce. Dissecting these numbers further reveals that there is a divorce every 13 seconds in the US. It is alarming to know that around 9 divorces take place by the time a couple recites their wedding vows!

According to Divorcesource.com, around 80% of divorces are initiated by the woman. These numbers suggest that more and more women are unhappy with their marriages. Of course, some marriages end for reasons like physical abuse, addiction, etc., but there are these several other avoidable factors that often lead to divorce or separation. Low self-esteem is among the biggest causes of trouble in paradise, opening the doorway to divorce.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Marriage and Other Romantic Relationships

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  • It can be limiting: Low self-esteem means lesser confidence in yourself. This means that you will not be able to ask for or express what you want as much as you’d like. It will also become troublesome for you to set limits on what you don’t want.

  • Insecurities: It can lead to insecurities that will eventually guide your actions and emotions. Insecurity will force you to test your partner from time to time, which could be a means to sabotaging the marriage itself.

  • Stress: Having low self-esteem can be a stressful situation in itself, since you might feel the constant pressure of pleasing your partner and hiding your own feelings in order to avoid arguments. This can lead to interpersonal conflicts, working against the marriage.

  • Less attractive: A person with low self-esteem can come across as needy and desperate, which will never yield a positive result in a marriage or any relationship for that matter.

When trouble arises because of such issues, marriages tend to break leaving the person with even lower self-esteem and much more broken. It is always a great idea to seek professional help like marriage or couples therapy in order to save your marriage in such situations. These experts can help both partners open up about each other and thereby build confidence and self-esteem within yourself and also in the relationship. After all, the reason you both got married was love and love is always worth giving a second chance.

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