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Individual Therapy & Counseling

Individual Therapy in NYC

You are here looking for help. You may have a lot on your mind. You have tried to work things out yourself. You may have spoken to your friends or to your family about your concerns, but still they remain. You have been unable to untangle yourself. You are struggling to overcome something that feels bigger than you. You have been thinking it might be a good idea to talk to a therapist. You have been considering psychotherapy or counseling.

There are so many reasons someone may be interested in psychotherapy treatment. You may have encountered a situation which feels overwhelming, despite your best efforts to handle it effectively. This may be a work predicament, a relationship, or just overall feelings about yourself and your life. You may be having difficulties dealing with particular stressor, or you may be feeling it is finally time to address some difficulties you have struggled with for a long time. You may be experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, depression or upset that simply won’t resolve itself. You haven’t been able to find your own way out. Perhaps things haven’t been right for a long time and you finally want to address these things, so you can live a fuller life and feel happy. You realize you have a long life ahead of you still and it just doesn’t seem right to be unhappy.

Most people consider counseling when they finally feel they have exhausted their own solutions to their problems.

I consider it a sign of strength and self love to take the step to get yourself the help you need. You may have been in therapy before or this may be the first time you are reaching out for this kind of help. I encourage you to have faith in your thought that asking for help, trying something new, and exploring your concerns with a person trained and experienced to do so will be a wonderful, healing experience.

I am a licensed psychotherapist located in New York City with many years of experience. We will work together to thoroughly explore and address your concerns and find solutions to free you from your present unhappy state.

You may be seeking individual psychotherapy because:

  • You are experiencing a crisis or a situation you can’t seem to resolve
  • You may be feeling overwhelming upset or stress
  • You are out of control around weight management or substance use
  • You lack satisfaction in your interpersonal connections and/or meaningful relationships
  • You are struggling with low self esteem and finding yourself
  • You have been unable to achieve your goals
  • You are simply unhappy with your life

I see individual therapy as a way to explore issues of personal concern in an atmosphere of safety and trust, where you can feel deeply understood. A benefit of psychotherapy is the expanding of your point of view. I will help you identify and change negative patterns which may be presently outside your awareness and preventing you from having a fulfilling life.

You can then begin to move beyond your self-limiting models toward genuinely experiencing freedom, empowerment, peace, love and happiness.

This individual therapy can be an incredibly powerful and effective vehicle for change.