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Weight Loss Psychotherapy & Counseling

Not being able to control your eating is agonizing and frustrating. Being overweight can feel like you are imprisoned Weight Loss Therapy NYCin your own body.

  • You may have been overweight since childhood or you may have gained weight at some point.
  • You may have lost and regained weight many times on various diets and exercise programs.
  • Perhaps you have never been able to get through even a day or two of mindful eating.

I specialize in working with overeaters.

I know you have probably suffered enormously from being overweight, perhaps experiencing self-hatred, shame, depression, loneliness, despair. Continued use of food for comfort and escape has sustained this debilitating pattern. You have likely experienced repeated failed attempts to change your behavior. A common misconception, which you may hold, is that you simply need more willpower or discipline.

It may be that:

  • You know your relationship with food, exercise and your body are not normal.
  • You feel conquered by your thoughts and feelings around food.
  • You are deeply uncomfortable about your body.
  • You feel out of control around your eating.
  • Even if other areas of your life seem to be working, you may still not be content because of this dominating self destructive behavior.

Most people with this problem end up feeling trapped and tormented. Your life is full of regrets and broken promises to yourself. Your life is controlled by your weight issue.

I can help you on this journey.

Weight Loss Psychotherapy NYMy treatment approach for this disordered eating is a combination of education, support, guidance, and gentle confrontation. As a weight loss psychotherapist, I combine a cognitive/behavioral approach with a psychodynamic model and a family therapy perspective. This means together we design a concrete plan of action while uncovering and addressing the underlying meaning of these self-destructive behaviors.

Self-help groups, such as Overeaters Anonymous or Weight Watchers, can sometimes be helpful. Nutritionists can often provide valuable information. You may have even tried to meet your goals for weight loss in new york city with a reputable diet physician. But to truly overcome your weight concerns an in-depth approach is required. With my guidance as your weight loss counselor new york city, you will finally change your relationship with food and find the freedom and happiness you have been seeking.