Signs to Look for to See if He is Cheating on You

According to a study, The Cheater’s High: The Unexpected Affective Benefits of Unethical Behavior, the reason why both men and women cheat on their partners is because “getting away with it” gives them a good feeling, both emotional and psychologically. Although this study on the unethical behavior did not cover sexual activity, it did indicate that people might feel similarly when cheating on their partner sexually.

Leading expert on infidelity counseling, Linda Charnes, stated that the fact that people feel happier after cheating can be disturbing, especially if they feel extremely proud of breaking the rules and going against the norms when they get away with it. She added that many people cheat with an unconscious desire to get revenge or punish their existing partner, while others seek novelty to boost their confidence and self esteem. As an immediate sign, they begin to seem extremely happy, hum music, and become immensely confident, usually almost suddenly.

Whatever the reason, cheating can have adverse consequences. Here are a few signs people can look for to know if their partner is cheating on them.

They Become Overly Protective About their Phone

People’s spending time on their smartphones has continued to grow. In Brazil in 2016, smartphones owners spend the highest amount of time, 5 hours a day, on their phones, according to Statista. Although people are becoming increasingly attached to their smartphone, if you ask your partner who they might be calling or texting and are given a response such as “nobody,” it is a cause for concern. If you find that they delete texts and call logs, there are high chances they are hiding something from you. Of course, they might be planning a surprise birthday party or trying to find you the perfect birthday present, so don’t use this sign alone to confirm cheating.

They Start Going Out More

If they always have a plan with friends or office colleagues where they do not want to be accompanied by you, it is a red flag they are seeing someone. Moreover, if their working hours have suddenly increased due to frequent emergencies, which they are unable to explain, something is definitely not right.

They are Paying Extra Attention to Hygiene

People who are trying to woo someone often make an effort to look good and pay extra attention to their grooming. If your spouse has suddenly joined a gym, got a new haircut, or bought new clothing, but this was not to please you, chances are this unusual behavior is the result of cheating.

They Don’t Want to Spend Time with You

Do they often find an excuse not to get intimate with you? As a common observation, people who are cheating are found to become less affectionate to their existing partner. They become less interested towards the physical aspect of their relationship too, such as cuddling, holding hands, kissing, and having sex.

If any of these signs sound familiar, your partner might be cheating on you. Instead of reacting rashly, try to be calm and talk to your partner. There might be some underlying issues that need to be addressed. If necessary, seek infidelity counseling.

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