Ways to Develop Body Positivity

Embracing your body size is key to having a healthy mind. However, this often seems difficult and many people feel uncomfortable in their own skin, which can lead to being overwhelmed with self-destructive feelings. Feeling uncomfortable with your own body is common and one must seek help in time. Weight loss psychotherapists combine cognitive therapy and psychodynamics to address these underlying issues, says New York based expert counselor Linda Charnes.

While body image is to do with physical appearance, it is essentially our mental representation of ourselves and has the power to influence our self-esteem and behavior, says an article published by Psychology Today. Our perception of our body can influence how well we do in our career and the kind of relationships we nurture. In fact, it is something that is discussed often during couples counseling.

So, here are a few things one can do to develop a more positive perception of their body.

Embrace Your Feelings

Most beauty products, sporting goods and even the fashion industry profit from our self-doubt. When so many advertisements telling you how to improve your appearance, loving yourself can feel like a rebellious act! It’s very important to accept yourself the way you are. If you feel uneasy, try to shift your focus from your external self. Look inwards, try to be a better person and aim to be healthy from within.

Recall Past Activities

Try to recollect what your body has gone through. This includes household chores, working through the day on your laptop, going for adventure holidays, childbirth or simply travelling from office to home. These are great ways to remind yourself that you are fortunate and blessed. Even with certain restrictions, you’ve come a long way. Having a positive mindset can help you live a more fulfilling life.

Focus on Feeling Good
Feeling good is not a goal, but a path that one needs to go on every day. Smile, exercise regularly, enjoy quality time with friends and family and do get some alone time, says an article on Real Simple. Keep yourself motivated to follow hobbies. Cut down on unhealthy choices and be at peace with yourself.

Avoid Social Media

Social media will show you people with hour glass figures and well toned bodies. Sometimes images are photoshopped to look better. At times, you may see someone looking great, but cannot see the efforts made to reach those goals. Seeing only the results can make you feel dissatisfied with your body. Try not to compare yourself with others.

Along with yourself, learn to respect others. Make sure you are not pointing out flaws and pulling anyone down. Also, avoid paying heed to body shaming. This is easier said than done, as many couples counseling sessions address body shaming even between partners. If you’re still feeling uncomfortable with your body, visit a weight loss therapist. It’s important to take a positive step towards body positivity today.

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